The Easiest Way to Launch Your Online Store
Exclusive Startup Website Package - Including Optional Merchant Services!
Before starting Green Goddess Supply, our founder ran an interactive marketing agency (with focus on branding and website design) for over 25 years. Everything you see at our main website was designed and built in-house by this team.
Because so many new stores have been coming to us for help, we are offering a "Startup Website Package" through our design & development company - Takeoff Design Group.
These are the programmers and designers who built our website here, and we're willing to help you get going too!

Whether you need both branding/logo AND website design/development, or just the website design/development, we can help!
Merchant Services (Optional)
The default Shopify setup is NOT okay with processing orders related to "tobacco products". You can get your store setup and going, but as soon as you process your first transaction or two it'll eventually get flagged and they'll shut you off. They'll also suggest "sorry we don't allow sale of pipes, tobacco products, bongs, vapes, etc. through our merchant account -- try PayPal instead." So of course you'll switch to PayPal which is easy peasy, and then process one transaction and THEY shut you off too! So why does Shopify even bother? Well, they're just kicking the can down the road so it's someone else's problem.
We have a longstanding relationship with a merchant services whiz that will service our industry - together we can set up your store with a merchant account for processing cards that has no issues with online headshops. There's no additional charge for this, and it's optional - if you already have merchant services, no worries.
Startup Website Package

  • Professional Design & Development
  • Shopify Setup
  • Basic Static Pages (About, Contact, etc)
  • Merchant Services (optional) - everything you need to accept online orders
Get started with selling your products online - the easy way.
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